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  2. El Mirage dry lake bed has been home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century. It is located just 30 miles east of a growing high desert community known as the Antelope Valley
  3. El Mirage dry lake bed has been home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century. It is located just 30 miles east of the Antelope Valley
  4. g Association for timed speed runs. The club also operates the Bonneville Salt Flats speed runs.

This is a large and open area located in the Mojave Desert that consists of a dry lake bed, miles of surrounding sand washes, desert trails and scattered play areas that are open to all off-road vehicles. The trails are open year-round but the lake bed is off limits during wet weather

Cars motorcycles and other racing vehicles competeing on El Mirage Dry in Southern California Had a rad time watching some land speed racing out at El Mirage dry lake put on by the Southern California Timing Association. Thanks for watching, & until n.. Streamed live on Jun 10, 2018 Southern California Timing Association landspeed racing event held at El Mirage Dry lake. This is one of the few places in the world that allows racers to drive as..

El Mirage Dry Lake Land Speed Records These records have been updated from the 2014 Southern California Timing Association rule book. Certified car and motorcycle records . Sponsors of the Worlds FASTEST Speed Trials. Southern California Timing Association SCTA Links. Health and Welfare; SCTA Scholarships Event Calendar Rules and Regulations; Forms and Documents El Mirage Ladies Auxiliary. El Mirage Lake is a dry lake bed in the northwestern Victor Valley of the central Mojave Desert, within San Bernardino County, California. The lake is located about 9 miles (14 km) west-northwest of the town of Adelanto and 10 mi (16 km) north of Highway 18 in San Bernardino County El Mirage does not accept Veterans, Senior, Adventure or National Park Passes. Visitor Center hours are from 8:00am - 4:30pm, 7 days a week. Closed for lunch: 12:00pm-12:30pm. For day-by-day information, follow Friends of El Mirage on Facebook for more information, updates, and lake bed closures. DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS TO REACH THE OPEN AREA. GOOGLE MAPS WILL DIRECT YOU TO AN OLD ENTRANCE TO.

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High Speed fun in the desert A few times a year speedfreaks from all over the US come together to race their vehicles at the Mirage dry lake. As the Bonneville flats are getting rained out more and more El Mirage is a great alternative to watch the racers have a go. The atmosphere among racers and public i Brief History Of SCTA And The 2014 El Mirage Dry Lake Racing Season By Korky Hickman January 30, 2014 SCTA is considered the oldest racing organization and still operates today. This year, SCTA is celebrating its 61st anniversary and is hard at work more than ever to keep the land speed racing tradition alive

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May 29, 2017 - Explore Craig Wise's board El Mirage Dry Lake, SoCal > Rac'n w/craig wise on Pinterest. See more ideas about El mirage dry lake, Lake, Socal This is the fastest 650cc pushrod engine , sit-on motorcycle in the history of land speed racing built by Alp Sungurtekin. The pre unit Triumph is currently faster than all of the same class 750cc and 1000cc motorcycles (see records chart next). All SCTA Records can be found here: El Mirage Dry Lake Bonneville Salt Flat El Mirage dry lake bed has been home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century. The Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) was born here. Great place to watch competitors seek the elusive speed El Mirage Dry Lake is one of those vast expansive spaces out in the desert that is designated as a recreational area. The minute you arrive at this location you will immediately noticed that you have seen this space in more movies, more music videos, and more commercials than you can even count. I too have filmed many a movie at El Mirage. It is really a nice place. There's a few things you.

When the lake dries, a hard clay dry lake bed is left. This hard, smooth surface is ideal for the unique activities conducted at El Mirage. These include ultra-light aircraft and gyrocopter flying, model rocketry, remote control airplane flying, land-sailing and straight track racing. Many private pilots land on the lake bed to spend the day. The surface character has attracted the interest.

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kremer johnson captures the glory of racers at el mirageBangShiftRJ Gottlieb's Big Red Camaro Gets Dirty Fast at El MirageDaredevils gather in California desert for season-openingEl Mirage Dry Lakes - Hot Rod Network
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